Get $10; Give $10 Referral Program by FastBags

Get $10; Give $10 

FastBags is happy to announce the launch of our Get $10; Give $10 Referral Program. This program allows FastBags to grow and commit to delivering groceries to as many doorsteps as possible absolutely free. On top of that, this program will help relieve a number of financial burdens that COVID-19 has forced families to endure.

FastBags' commitment to offering free grocery delivery is more important now than ever. With this program, shoppers will now be able to share a personal link with friends and family that gives their loved ones $10 off their next grocery order with FastBags. Once that order has been placed, the referrer will receive $10 off their next order. 

Let's work together as a community and overcome the hardships that we are all being faced with. 

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